Interconnected Living Mentorship


Interconnected Living supports people in visioning, designing, implementing and maintaining a connected, balanced, joyful and regenerative life.

What we Do :

With inspiring, activating tools, techniques, dynamic visioning processes and Permaculture Design methods, Interconnected Living assists with the creation and implementation of holistic, healthy and enriching lifestyle design the supports individuals to recognize their wholeness and full potential. 

Kym Chi is the pioneer behind Interconnected Living and loves to offer mentorship in areas she is passionate including;

- Life Design
- Creative Education
- Permaculture (especially Community Design, Group Work & Organizational Design)
- Herbalism
- Intuitive & Self Empowered Healing
- Women's Wellness

If you are interested in mentorship, I am located on the Lower Sunshine Coast BC. Distance sessions can be done anywhere in the world.



Kym Chi offers customized mentorship programs that supports you in seeing where you are at currently in your life, vision where you are going to and create a road map to move from where you are to where you want to be.

It starts with a consultation session that will offer a jumping off point for us to co- create a functional and inspiring design and implementation plan for your ideal life.

During sessions, many out of the box techniques are used to support you.

Some things we may explore are :

  • Understanding your core values.
  • Finding ways to live a more authentic life.
  • Highlighting skills and gifts you can offer.
  • Recognizing resources and assets available to support you.
  • Seeing patterns that either support or hinder you in living the life you want.
  • Moving through blocks that hold you back.
  • Prioritizing where you focus your energy.
  • Becoming more organized and motivated.
  • Creating an action plan.
  • Keeping momentum.
  • Taking small and large steps to making your dreams a reality.

Your consultation and individualized program will include take home activities and resources.

The array of techniques used come from a multitude of sources that Kym Chi has compiled over 15 plus years of taking courses, self study and work experience in Energy Work, Permaculture, Herbal Medicine, Creative Facilitation, Group Work, Conflict Resolution, Visionary Art & Energy Portraits, Ancestral Healing, Shamanism, Life Coaching and other spiritual practices.

Kym Chi is well networked with a variety of other experienced practitioners and as you work together, she may also suggest the inclusion of other professionals to join us in your program to maximize the outcomes.

The amount of sessions required and the investment is dependent on the individual and averages between 6 - 12 sessions. The program will always start with an initial free consultation to make sure it is a right fit and to learn about client needs.  After the initial consultation, if the client wishes to proceed, Kym Chi will create a program proposal.  Individual sessions are also welcome and cost will be determined based on the length of each session.

If you have questions, or would like more information, please email

Investment :

In person or live online sessions:

$88/ hr

$77/hr for participants or graduates of Kym's longer Herbal and Permaculture programs.

Email support:

$33/ hr

$22hr for participants or graduates of Kym's longer Herbal and Permaculture programs.