Kym Chi

Interconnected Living was founded with love by Kym Chi.

With a passion for service and helping others, Kym has found great satisfaction through her healing practice. From a young age, she was intuitive, interested in energy and exploring different forms of energy work, especially qi gong. She found Reiki in 2007 when she received her level 1 & 2 and began offering sessions. In 2009 Kym achieved her Advanced Reiki training and Reiki Masters, at that time she began to teach. In 2010, she earned a certificate in Raindrop Therapy offering her the ability to integrate other modalities.

With an interest and deep connection to the earth and the cosmos, Kym uses other techniques in conjunction with her certified practices. Being in tune and connected with plants she has a natural gift for working with plant medicines, which she also uses and prescribes in her sessions. She has received a chartered herbalist diploma through Dominion Herbal College in 2010 and has studied with master herbalists Susun Weed, Dina Falconi and has undergone an apprenticeship with Barbara Cotgrave of Halfmoon Herbals. Kym has done extensive self study on crystal healing and has practiced vibrational healing through the use of Tuning Forks and Crystal Singing Bowls.

Learning Permaculture in 2011 ignited a joy for using design methods taken from observing natures operating system to support in living a holistic, connected and thriving lifestyle that considers the wellbeing of the natural and social ecology, including future generations to come. Kym has now taken multiple Permaculture design courses, teacher trainings and advanced classes focussed on Social Permaculture, has completed a diploma in Permaculture Education and teaches Permaculture in BC, Alberta and beyond. She sees Permaculture as a life path and integrates it into all that she does. She has a successful Permaculture practice Giggling Chi Tree that was founded in 2011.

Kym's love of communication, pattern understanding and teaching has also led her on a path of dynamic group work, ancestral healing and shamanic practice which bleeds into her healing work with counselling and sharing of take home tools to empower individuals in their own healing process. She comes to this work with over 10 years experience in conflict resolution and 4 years experience in circle and ritual work. She has spent time studying with various elders with a special focus on the subject of empowerment.

Being creative from a young age and valuing art as a spiritual practice, she also merges art into her healing practice through the creation of Visionary HeArt Language. Kym has achieved a diploma in Theatre Production, has studied with renowned Visionary Artists Alex and Allyson Grey and has earned a diploma in Artist Mentorship with the Royal Conservatory of Music with a program called Learning Through The Arts where she also worked with youth in schools offering the standard curriculum through arts based facilitation.

When working with Kym you can expect to be received and held with compassion, understanding and support to connect with your most empowered and whole self. She does not see herself as a healer, rather a facilitator of others healing and a channel for spirit and energy to do its work.

Integration is an important part of your journey so after a session you may walk away with recommendations of plant medicine, mantras, meditations, heArt work, stretches, creative projects, communication practices or other activities to nourish the spirit and transform dysfunctional patterns into beneficial ones. Kym Chi will use her diverse tool kit to assist you to the best of her ability.