Interconnected Living Visionary HeArt Language


Interconnected Living Visionary HeArt Language facilitates transformation and connection, activating life purpose.

What I do

Connecting with spirit, I share divine love through creativity.  With a strong intuitive connection, I channel sacred symbols that move stagnant energy, shift patterns and supports people in connecting with and expressing their authentic selves.

I am located on the Lower Sunshine Coast BC.  Sessions can be done in person or online and HeArtwork can be sent anywhere in the world.

Artist Statement

Born as an empath, I have felt deep into the wounds of the world and holistically, into the potential we all have as humans to heal and create the world we all know is possible.

Through my own healing process of learning to actively love myself through creativity, meditation, Reiki and shamanic practices and finding inspiration in the possibility of transforming the worlds suffering to healing, I started to channel a heart language and that can heal and transform on a universal level.

Using the heart language, I have also been called to work with individuals creating energy portraits, unlocking their unique symbol sets held within their DNA & Chakra system, helping them to connect more easily with their true self & expression.

Each image created has its own healing vibration which are codes of the universe and keys to unlocking our human potential. These drawings & paintings help to work with the shadow, learning to fully love the self and others, releasing that which holds one back and helps to recognize the sacred gift we all are, and potential to share that gift with the whole.

At the essence of my spirit, I am a self taught artist, certified permaculturist and natural healer, creating an art practice in service to spirit and dedicated to the restoration of our environmental, human, social and spiritual ecology.

To me, art is love.


Energy Portraits

Every person comes with their own unique code that holds the keys to our life purpose.  In unlocking the gateways to our code, these keys can highlight our greatest gifts, show us our path to purpose and unlock our hidden potential.  Energy Portraits are sacred drawings that bring your unique code to life through drawings of symbols contained within your 7 energy centres or chakras.  These symbols can act to remind you of who you are, why you are here and guide you to be of service in the deepest way. Energy Portraits also support you in having a deeper understanding of self while also seeing the bigger picture recognizing how you inherently connect with the greater whole. 

Energy portraits start with a consultation session that includes a guided meditation  where I connect with your soul using Reiki. During this process, I receive images, messages and feelings about your gifts and true essence which are then transcribed into a series of symbols and poetry - your energy portrait. Portraits can be placed somewhere special to act as a daily reminder of who they are at a soul level. Upon receiving a portrait,  there is a follow up session with me to guide through the drawing and ensure that they may connect with the piece in the deepest way possible.  Paintings are also available on request for an additional fee.

Readings and portraits can be done and sent to anywhere in the world. Please note that I like to take my time to ensure the highest quality and care, so portraits can have up to a 1 month turn around time (or longer depending on work load), please book well in advance if you would like it by a certain date. 


Investment :

includes a consultation before and after the portrait is done.

  • 8x10 Energy Portrait - $111
  • 11x14 Energy Portrait - $188

Trades and soulful exchanges are welcomed.


Visionary HeArt Affirmations

HeArt images are sacred geometrical symbols that hold keys to the universe.  Each symbol is unique and transmits a healing vibration that helps transform our lives and move us towards the world we all know is possible.

These healing images and can be placed anywhere to aid in releasing dysfunctional patterns and blocks. In doing so they bring in desired energies that support one to thrive. Individuals are encouraged to work with images as for as long as necessary to support in any healing process.

Kym Chi is currently working towards creating a book of Visionary HeArt symbols to uplift and inspire living a more connected life.

HeArt Affirmations are currently available for sale by request in a variety of sizes. Please email to inquire or please consider a sponsorship of  Kym Chi's Patreon account which will allow you to receive a monthly subscription to HeArt Affirmations.

Visionary Heart Journey

Enjoy the Journey


8 Fold Noble Path

This set of HeArt Affirmations were made in love based on the buddhist 8 Fold Noble Path and inspired by teachings of Allyson and Alex Grey. I use them to support me to remain focused and in dedication to a life of service and love.

These are available for a free download for your use freely with credit to Kym Chi. 


" I hired Kym to create a personalized energy portrait of myself. We connected remotely over skype using her Reiki practice. She walked me through a guided meditation where I was instructed to visualize scenes and colors. Working from my energies Kym connected these to my chakras and created a beautiful personalized piece of art reflecting my distinct energies. The piece reflects what I then knew of myself and was also enlightening so many aspects I had not yet realized but now see clearly. Through the experience I had many revelations that helped me to better know and understand myself, and was encouraged to further grow my own creative process. It was a turning point for me with regard to embracing my creativity and I owe many thanks to Kym for that. All in all it was a wonderful, enlightening, encouraging, experience that greatly aided my personal growth and resulted in a beautiful unique and original personalized piece of art. Kym is a joy to work with and I would highly recommend Kym and her healing work."

Most Sincerely, Lisa Sullivan (Calgary)


Kym Chi’s paintings have been created from love and hold potent energies of healing and transformation.  All peices contain cosmic symbolism and are infused with Reiki. Original Paintings are not available for sale. Kym Chi is happy to do customized pieces. Please inquire by emailing