Kym Chi :

I loved kym chi's healing session! It was super heart opening and supportive for me. i highly recommend her work."
- Natalia from Roberts Creek

"I always look forward to Reiki with Kym. I suffer from anxiety and excessive worry and Kym is one of the only people that can help me be at one with the present moment. She has also been instrumental in my current quest to achieve greater spirituality in my life. She is very nurturing, calming and is always fully dedicated to my treatment throughout our entire visit. She has a wonderful gift and I consider myself lucky to experience her spirituality and magic."
– Jennifer From Calgary

"When I met Kym, I had just completed my own Level One Reiki Attunement. I was participating in monthly group healing sessions with multiple Reiki practicioners. I experienced my most profound shifts with Kym's work, including my experience of a long-distance Reiki Session Kym practiced on me. It was amazing! Within a day I saw results of shifts in my internal and external world (stress/tension reduction, finding solutions for financial matters, etc). Kym is a gifted healer with a very special degree of compassion."
– Allison From Halifax

"I am quite selective about the practitioners I see for  energy work and my Reiki treatment with Kym was an absolute deLIGHT. Before my treatment I was feeling quite drained and ungrounded. I had just been through an emotionally trying time at work and I felt I needed some stress relief. Kym’s approach to the Reiki session was just what I needed. She has a warm and welcoming nature that is quietly confident and unassuming. All I needed to do was to relax on the table, keep an open mind and she did the rest! During my session, I saw colours and felt the energy blockages in certain areas of my body begin to dissolve. I felt the energy start moving again. An hour went by in a nanosecond. At the end of the session, I was so much more energized and felt like myself again. It was amazing! I can hardly wait for my next session. Kym is a gifted energy worker with a peaceFULL heart. I highly, highly recommend her!"
– Cynthia From Calgary

"I absolutely loved the Raindrop and Reiki treatment, never have I felt so at peace. Wonderful first time experience for myself!! I had my session to rid myself of any residual tension and negative thoughts, after a very stressful fall/winter I was in need of a fresh start. I felt like a new woman after, and for weeks after.... I will continue to refer Kym's services to my loved ones. Thanks again Kym "
- Andrea From Calgary

"I absolutely loved the session I had with Kym. Afterwards I felt lighter and slept so well. Kym knew what I needed without me even recognizing it myself. After all of my sessions with Kym I walk out with a clear head, I am able to problem solve easier and don't get so overwhelmed as quickly. It's like my slate has been cleared. I would recommend Kym's services and have already."
- Heather From Calgary

"I came for a Raindrop and Reiki session because my wife suggested it. I thought the experience was great I was really happy with the session and I definitely felt better after the session. All my stress was gone, I felt rested, I wasn't thinking about anything extra, I was totally focused on being in the moment with no outside worrying. I would definitely recommend Kym's services, in fact I have already. Thanks so much."
- Ken from Calgary

"The Reiki and Raindrop Therapy session I had with Kym was really enjoyable. I felt very relaxed and at peace with myself after, I just returned from a holiday and usually if I go somewhere I get really stressed out and worry about things, but I didn't this time, the stones Kym gave me also really helped."
-Kim from BC

"I loved the Massage. Kym is Fantastic!"
- Kaylin from Calgary