Sound Therapy on the Sunshine Coast, BC

Sound carries vibrational energy which transforms the way we think, feel and can effect the way we act in our everyday life. Through healing vibrational frequencies, Sound Therapy can move energy, clear blocks, ease tension and help one to feel more relaxed. It works in similar ways to other types of energy healing and can work well on its own or as a compliment with other modalities.

Visit us for a 1:1 sound journey with crystal singing bowls, a didjeridu session or treat yourself to a longer session with both instruments. You may also consider adding a sound journey onto another healing session you are booking with Tender Hearted.  If you are interested in having an in person session, we are located on the Lower Sunshine Coast BC. 

Kym and Chris also offer Bi Weekly Sound Journies at Yoga by the Sea in Roberts Creek. For more information, please click here.

Practitioners :

Kym Chi 

Chris Niebergall

Investment :

30 minute Didjeridu or Crystal Singing Bowl Session : $55

60 minute Didjeridu and Crystal Singing Bowl Session : $88

Please allow an additional 15 min for opening and closing your session