Reiki on the Sunshine Coast, BC and to Anywhere in the World

Reiki (Spiritually guided life force energy) is a gentle practice of clearing and balancing the mind, body and emotions.

During a session I will connect with you energetically and channel universal life force energy that will guide me to areas in your body that require healing and help to release that which is not serving.

With your permission, crystal healing, sound healing and other gentle modalities may be integrated.

Individuals experiences are vastly different and people benefit in diverse ways from Reiki. There are many ways that this healing method can be of benefit from helping to release physical pain and illness, calming and focussing the mind, shifting emotional states and helping to increase intuitive abilities. All practitioners are different in their approach and I recommend that you read my bio and ask me any questions you might have to make sure I am the best practitioner for your needs.

After the session, a short council is offered to review what came up and offer take home techniques to help clients to remain clear and create beneficial patterns.

If you are interested in having an in person session, I am located on the Lower Sunshine Coast BC. Distance sessions can be done anywhere in the world.


Kym Chi

Investment :

Interconnected Living offers in person and distance sessions. Reiki can be done from and to anywhere in the world.

  • 60 minute in person Reiki: $88
  • 90 minute in person Reiki $122

***mobile sessions will be an additional $15***

  • 60 minute Distance Reiki: $77


"I always look forward to Reiki with Kym. I suffer from anxiety and excessive worry and Kym is one of the only people that can help me be at one with the present moment. She has also been instrumental in my current quest to achieve greater spirituality in my life. She is very nurturing, calming and is always fully dedicated to my treatment throughout our entire visit. She has a wonderful gift and I consider myself lucky to experience her spirituality and magic."  – Jennifer From Calgary


"When I met Kym, I had just completed my own Level One Reiki Attunement. I was participating in monthly group healing sessions with multiple Reiki practicioners. I experienced my most profound shifts with Kym's work, including my experience of a long-distance Reiki Session Kym practiced on me. It was amazing! Within a day I saw results of shifts in my internal and external world (stress/tension reduction, finding solutions for financial matters, etc). Kym is a gifted healer with a very special degree of compassion." – Allison From Halifax