The Story of the Logo

The Interconnected Living logo was lovingly created by Shaun Friesen of SoulFire Design. 

This image holds a lot of symbolism that shares what Interconected Living is about. It starts with the tree of life, which connects us to the earth and grows us upward to connect us with spirit. The 3 hearts at the bottom with the glyph represent the roots of Interconnected Living.  We are rooted in love and compassion for the earth, its people and the future generations to come.  The roots connect to the DNA ladder in the trunk of the tree which represents the steps we need to take to become reconnected to who we truly are. This reaches to the centre of the tree where we find the heart wrapped in the triangle.  The heart represents our union with all things. The triangle represents our body, soul and spirit that symbolize our inherent wholeness. The centre symbol is surrounded by 7 small hearts, representing 7 different ways of wellbeing. These expand out to the double hexagram that connect us to 12 core values of living an interconnected life!

The colours and background images represent the 4 elements, the 4 seasons and the 4 directions which all symbolize the importance of honouring the natural cycles of nature and of all life.