Free Online Permaculture Design Activation


Free Online Permaculture Design Activation

Saturday January 27th from 10am - 12pm PDT (6pm - 8pm GMT)

Join Kym Chi and Delvin Solkinson for a journey into Permaculture Design. Discover decision making tools and solution based approaches for making effective decisions and designing a more regenerative life.

Together we will learn more about Permaculture and its benefits by:

  • Exploring the Permaculture Design toolkit
  • Finding ways to live in alignment with your values.
  • Learning how nature's design can be applied to create abundant land, lives and communities.
  • Creating a quick design that applies to your life using what you learnt in the class.

Participants are encouraged to come with a garden, project, business or an area of their life to apply their learnings to during the class

After the educational session, there will be an optional information session on the Vancouver Permaculture Design Certification Course that will start on March 23rd, 2024.

To register, please contact