“Paying attention is a form of reciprocity with the living world, receiving the gifts with open eyes and open heart.” Robin Wall Kimmerer – Braiding Sweetgrass

We are living in a time where the impact we make truly matters. Everyone is a designer. Whether on a small or large scale, the choices we make and the way we design, creates the world around us.

Ultimately, we get to choose how our designs will impact our existence. Will they degenerate and degrade or will they regenerate and advance?

Many existing design practices are depleting life, stripping resources, dominating land and culture and degenerating our world as we know it. This can create fear and scarcity, stress, overwhelm, anger, grief and a sense of hopelessness. This can be especially challenging for people who want to make positive change and who seek to live in a world that thinks and acts differently.


There are practices that design in collaboration with nature and that sees our place within the natural world and that help to generate abundance, joy, connection, respect and appreciation for existence.

One of these design practices is Permaculture!

Permaculture, is a framework offering tools, techniques and strategies for creating a more resilient, sustainable and regenerative life. Grounding itself in teachings from the natural world and Traditional Peoples from around the world, it cares about the wellbeing of the Earth, ALL People and future generations to come.

Become the designer of a connected and regenerative life with Permaculture!

Empower yourself through this 18 week program with like minded people online to learn about how nature designs itself and how to become more grounded and connected with yourself, your community and the natural world. We will learn how to map and design our land and lives, plan for emergencies, grow and preserve food naturally, build community and work to build a more resilient and positively impactful life.

This online course is flexible and comprehensive and includes:

  • 18 live classes with over 60 hours of content
  • Dynamic discussions, break out groups, demonstrations and integrative activities.
  • Access to a user friendly course platform with space for interactive dialogue with other participants, over 145 lessons with additional videos, applied homework, course projects and other resources that makes the course well over 72 hours.
  • Information sheets that will be released with each class and when put together will create a 400+ pg digital course book.

Kym Chi is a dynamic facilitator so this class caters to anyone wanting to learn regenerative design in a creative way and in a safe, inclusive environment. It is a flexible course that considers the busyness of modern life. The class schedule is ideal for parents, workers, entrepreneurs, students or those with dynamic routines.

All live classes will be recorded for participants to rewatch at their convenience.

The certification from The Permaculture Institute granted upon completion of the course, empowers participants as permaculture designers, consultants and beginner teachers. Graduates can use the word permaculture legally in their practice, business or project. This sustainability education certificate is a practical path for upgrading your life, resume and portfolio. There is no time limit to complete the certification.

Working toward certification is not a requirement. Students may attend the course without completing the material required to attain the certificates. It’s a fun way to journey with likeminded people with experiential education.

We review many exciting course topics that include Foundational concepts, Design Methods, Pattern Literacy, Soils & Composting, Water, Trees & Vegetation, Animals, Design for cool/tropical/arid climates, Social systems, Native food and medicine plants and more.

This is a unique course with an exciting teaching tool kit that transforms lectures into games and group discussions and focusses on multi dimensional learning. Apply your learnings to the focus project for the program which is to start a map and design for where you live or an area of your choice.

Successful completion of this course offers graduates their choice of legitimate and formal certificate through Permaculture Institute (www.permaculture.org).


Our next course will begin in Autumn 2022.  Dates to be announced soon.
Please email kym@gigglingchitree.com to be notified of earlybird registration and pricing.