Mission :

Interconnected Living facilitates radical transformation, creating a more connected, creative and conscious culture.

Kym Chi supports people in an empowering way by facilitating :

  • Courses and classes on Regenerative Design (Permaculture), Herbal Medicine and Intuitive Healing.
  • Self empowered healing through intuitive and creative practices, sound therapy and herbal medicine.
  • Transformation of behavioural patterns with integration tools including mantras & visionary healing art.
  • People to authentically connect with  themselves while highlighting their inherent gifts with symbolism and affirmations.
  • Mentorship sessions that encourage individuals to activate more fulfilling lives that express their potential in a way that benefits the greater whole.

Vision :

Interconnected Living visions an empowered and authentic world where :

  • People recognize their wholeness and worth
  • People lead integral lives in reverent connection with themselves and all beings on the planet.
  • People joyfully and openly sharing their gifts and passions for the benefit of all beings.