Visionary HeArt Affirmations

HeArt images are sacred geometrical symbols that hold keys to the universe. Each symbol is unique and transmits a healing vibration that helps transform our lives and move us towards the world we all know is possible. These healing images and can be placed anywhere to aid in releasing dysfunctional patterns and blocks. In doing so they bring in desired energies that support one to thrive. Individuals are encouraged to work with images as for as long as necessary to support in any healing process. Kym Chi is currently working towards creating a book of Visionary HeArt symbols to uplift and inspire living a more connected life.

HeArt Affirmations are currently available for sale by request in a variety of sizes. Please email to inquire,

Visionary HeArt Journey


8 Fold Noble Path :

This set of HeArt Affirmations were made in love based on the buddhist 8 Fold Noble Path and inspired by teachings of Allyson and Alex Grey. I use them to support me to remain focused and in dedication to a life of service and love.

These are available for a free download for your use freely with credit to Kym Chi.