Energy Portraits

These sacred drawings share the unique symbol set of an individual's energy centres. These symbols express a persons greatest gifts along with how they connect with themselves and the greater whole, helping them to be of service in the deepest way.

Each piece starts with a consultation session including a guided meditation that brings a person into a loving centred place where I then connect using Reiki. During this process, I receive images, messages and feelings about their gifts and true essence. This is then transcribed into a series of symbols and poetry that can be placed somewhere special to act as a daily reminder of who they are at a soul level.

 Upon receiving a portrait, there is a follow up session with me to guide through the drawing and ensure that they may connect with the piece in the deepest way possible. Paintings are also available on request for an additional fee.

Readings and portraits can be done and sent to anywhere in the world. Please note that I like to take my time to ensure the highest quality and care, so portraits can have up to a 1 month turn around time (or longer depending on work load), please book well in advance if you would like it by a certain date.

Investment :
includes a consultation before and after the portrait is done.

8x10 Energy Portrait - $111
11x14 Energy Portrait - $188
Trades and soulful exchanges are welcomed.



"I hired Kym to create a personalized energy portrait of myself. We connected remotely over skype using her Reiki practice. She walked me through a guided meditation where I was instructed to visualize scenes and colors. Working from my energies Kym connected these to my chakras and created a beautiful personalized piece of art reflecting my distinct energies. The piece reflects what I then knew of myself and was also enlightening to many aspects I had not yet realized but now see clearly. Through the experience I had many revelations that helped me to better know and understand myself, and was encouraged to further grow my own creative process. It was a turning point for me with regard to embracing my creativity and I owe many thanks to Kym for that. All in all it was a wonderful, enlightening, encouraging, experience that greatly aided my personal growth and resulted in a beautiful unique and original personalized piece of art. Kym is a joy to work with and I would highly recommend Kym and her healing work."

Most Sincerely,  Lisa Sullivan (Calgary)