Self Empowered Energy Medicine

Mission :

I create a platform for empowerment, personal wellness, self care and self love.

What I Do :

In today's overwhelming world, it is natural that one might feel a sense of imbalance or disconnect which can in turn cause a sense of internal suffering, confusion or lack of clarity.  I facilitate self empowered evolution by supporting the clearing and balancing the whole self, bringing the shadow to light with love and empathy.   In a safe sanctuary, I hold space for transfiguration with gentle, non invasive techniques and take home integration methods that support people to connect with their inner knowing and come to clarity on how to best move forward in ones own life.

I also offer empowerment readings to support connecting with a deeper sense of self purpose and awareness of one's inherent gifts and offerings.

If you are interested in having an in person session, I am located on the Lower Sunshine Coast BC. Distance sessions can be done anywhere in the world.


Self Empowered healing is a blending of many different techniques that cater to an individuals needs in the moment. Tapping into what you are experiencing at the present moment, allowing our combined intuition along with a connection to life force energy to guide the session, the most effective and transformative process possible is suported.

You are seen as a whole being and recognized as your own healer. I am simply here to facilitate, offer guidance and hold space.

I create a safe space where you can feel empowered to restore balance and connection with yourself and become a leader in your own life.

Some common modalities you may experience in a self empowered healing session are :

  • Intuitive energy medicine
  • Sound medicine
  • Crystal and Mineral medicine
  • Plant medicine

Creating a safe space is important to me so I ensure that :

  • All of clients are held with respect and loving kindness.
  • Each person is seen as unique and whole, it is impossible to be broken and I am not here to “fix” anyone. I do not take cookie cutter approaches.
  • Each individual is responsible for their own healing, I am here only to guide your process and offer integration tools to support long term growth.

Though treatments have fixed rates, I am happy to work out payment plans for low income folks. I am also open to accepting trades or soulful exchanges when in alignment.


During a session, you may be offered to experience a variety of techniques, depending on your circumstances and needs. You are welcome to decline anything that you are not comfortable with and I will not use any method in your session without getting your consent first.

I also have the right to decline specific requests if I deem unfit or inappropriate.


I am not your healer!!!

Our work together will begin your evolving process and continue to support it however, you are a big part of your own healing journey and it is valuable to set up a regular routine to help remain clear and create beneficial patterns. For this reason, after sessions, you will be offered take home tools and techniques to support you in your practice at home. You are in charge of your own transformational process.

Investment :

I offers in person sessions on the lower Sunshine Coast, B.C. and distance/online sessions anywhere in the world.

  • 60 minute - $111
  • 90 minute - $144

***mobile sessions will cost an additional $15***


Sound Medicine

Sound carries vibrational energy which transforms the way we think, feel and can effect the way we act in our everyday life.  Through healing vibrational frequencies, Sound Medicine can move energy, clear blocks, ease tension and help one to feel more relaxed and at peace.  It works in similar ways to other types of energy healing and can work well on its own or as a compliment with other modalities.

Visit Kym for a 1:1 sound journey with crystal singing bowls, frame drum, ocean drum, crystal singing pyramid and tuning forks OR visit Chris for a deep and transformative didjeridu session. OR treat yourself to a longer session with both Kym & Chris.

We also offer private group sound journeys (email us for a quote) or you may consider joining us for one of our bi monthly community sound journeys at Yoga by the Sea in Roberts Creek.  For more information, please click here.

Practitioners : - Crystal Singing bowls, frame drum, crystal singing pyramid, ocean drum & voice

Kym Chi - Crystal Singing bowls, frame drum, crystal singing pyramid, ocean drum & voice

Chris Niebergall - Didjeridu & guitar




Investment :

1:1 sessions:

30 minute Session with Kym OR Chris : $77

60 minute session with BOTH Kym & Chris : $111

Please allow an additional 15 min for opening and closing your session.

If you would like us to come to you for a mobile session, please connect with us for a quote.

Private Group Sound Journey's:

Looking for a private sound journey for a group or special event?

We would love to connect with you.

Rates depend on circumstances, including location, size and length of journey you are requesting.  Please contact us to discuss details!

Community Sound Journeys


I loved kym chi's healing session ! It was super heart opening and supportive for me. i highly recommend her work."
- Natalia from Roberts Creek

"I absolutely loved the Raindrop and Reiki treatment, never have I felt so at peace. Wonderful first time experience for myself!!
I had my session to rid myself of any residual tension and negative thoughts, after a very stressful fall/winter I was in need of a fresh start. I felt like a new woman after, and for weeks after.... I will continue to refer Kym's services to my loved ones."
- Andrea From Calgary


"When I met Kym, I had just completed my own Level One Reiki Attunement. I was participating in monthly group healing sessions with multiple Reiki practicioners. I experienced my most profound shifts with Kym's work, including my experience of a long-distance Reiki Session Kym practiced on me. It was amazing! Within a day I saw results of shifts in my internal and external world (stress/tension reduction, finding solutions for financial matters, etc). Kym is a gifted healer with a very special degree of compassion."
– Allison From Halifax

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