Who am I?

Hi!  My name is Kym Chi and I created Interconnected Living to support a shift towards an empowered culture where:

- People are self aware and present, recognizing their wholeness and value.
- People are wildly creative, conscious and connected.
- People collectively show reverence, reciprocity and respect towards all life.

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of life?
Are you devastated by the current state of the world, environmental destruction and social injustices?

For a long time I felt crushed by the state of the world. I became debilitated and felt utterly disempowered.

- Are you yearning for something more fulfilling, but don't know how to find it?
- Do you seek to live in a world that thinks and acts differently?
- Are you tired of the doom and gloom?
- Are you seeking to better understand who you are and find your place in the world?
-  Do you wish to make a more meaningful and positive impact on the world?
- Would you like to create more harmony in your life, with the land and your community?

I thought it would be impossible, until I finally created the life I wanted. One filled with inspiration, meaning and connection.

Painting by - Autumn Skye - https://autumnskyeart.com/

New & old ways of living - with wellbeing of  people and the planet at the core.

I believe that, at the heart of many of the worlds problems is the disconnect from the natural world, from ourselves (including our past) and in turn from who we really are.  The current systems are failing us and we must redesign our world and the way we interact with it if we are to see a change.

We are living in a time where the impact we make truly matters. Whether on a small or large scale, the choices we make and the way we design, creates the world around us.

So what do I do?

With love and empathy, I combine practices learned from a deep connection with nature,  myself and the universe to empower, encourage & excite people in the creation of more conscious relationships with themselves and all life.  Practices I share are collected from embodied experience and from an array of visionary teachers and practitioners I have studied with.  I most enjoy working with frameworks that have been most impactful for me - from permaculture design, alchemy & herbal medicine, energy medicine, sound healing, ancestral healing, earth based spirituality, and visionary art.

The techniques I share help people learn to think and design differently - with personal, planetary and universal wellbeing in mind.

Here is what some people say about working with me:
  • "Kym teaches with high integrity and so much grace.  She helped me feel safe, seen and acknowledged. Kym kept on time and respected the space. I learned so much!  I'm sure I will study with her again!" - Kelly Gordon
  • "Thank you Kym. Your program has reconnected me to my inner child through a really challenging time. I resonate deeply with these elements and your teaching and leadership has been a breath of inclusion, love, and connection to all around me." - Dasia
  • "Kym Chi is an excellent teacher. She is compassionate and brings out the best in her students. I highly recommend her." - George
  • Amazing teacher in all respects, best one I think I've ever had." - Wade
  • "Kym has been instrumental in my current quest to achieve greater spirituality in my life. She is very nurturing and calming. She has a wonderful gift and I consider myself lucky to experience her spirituality and magic." - Jennifer
  • "Kym has a warm and welcoming nature that is quietly confident and unassuming. She is a gifted energy worker with a peaceFULL heart. I highly, highly recommend her!" - Cynthia
Interconnected Living is a great choice for you if you are feeling called to :
  • Shift towards a more connected, authentic and empowered you.
  • Learn more unique, natural and holistic approaches to personal and planetary wellness.
  • Create more resilience for yourself, your family and community.
  • Trust yourself more and increase your intuitive skills.
  • Become more present in your daily life.
  • Live a more balanced and integrated life.
  • Develop a deeper relationship with the natural rhythms and cycles of life.
  • Connect with and develop more awareness of all aspects of yourself and your life
  • Create healthier patterns.
  • Take risks to live more joyfully and act more in alignment with your core values.
  • Accept yourself, acknowledge your wholeness and trust your evolving life purpose.
  • Turn your dreams and visions into a reality.


With a passion for service and helping others, I have found great satisfaction through my practice. From a young age, I was in love with nature, intuitive, interested in energy and exploring different forms of energy work, especially qi gong. I discovered  Reiki in 2007 when I received my level 1 & 2 and began offering sessions. In 2009 I achieved my Advanced Reiki training and Reiki Masters, at that time I began teaching. In 2010, I earned a certificate in Raindrop Therapy offering me the ability to integrate other modalities. In 2012, I introduced vibrational healing to my practice with a set of tuning forks, later bringing in crystal singing bowls, frame drum, ocean drum and voice.

With an interest and deep connection to the earth and the cosmos, I use other techniques in conjunction with my certified practices. Being in tune and connected with plants I have a natural gift for working with plant medicines, which I may use and prescribe in my sessions. I have received a chartered herbalist diploma through Dominion Herbal College in 2010 and have studied with master herbalists Susun Weed, Dina Falconi and have undergone an apprenticeship with Barbara Cotgrave of Halfmoon Herbals. I was grateful to study with renowned alchemist Robert Bartlett in 2017 and continue to study with herbalists such as Matthew Wood, Sean O'donahue and Sajah Popham.  In addition to plant connection, I also have a deep interest in the mineral world and have done extensive self study on crystal healing.

Learning about Permaculture in 2011 ignited a joy for using design methods taken from observing nature's operating system to support in living a holistic, connected and thriving lifestyle.  I was joyed that the framework considers the wellbeing of the natural and social ecology, including future generations to come. I have now taken multiple Permaculture design courses, teacher trainings and advanced classes focussed on Social Permaculture, completed a diploma in Permaculture Education and teach Permaculture in BC, Alberta and beyond.  I see Permaculture as a life path and integrates it into all that I do. I  have a successful Permaculture that was founded in 2011. It was called Giggling Chi Tree and has now been integrated with Interconnected Living.

My love of communication, pattern understanding and teaching has led me on a path of dynamic group work, ancestral healing and shamanic practice which flows into my empowerment work with mentoring and sharing of take home tools to support individuals in their own healing process. I come to this work with over 15 years experience in conflict resolution and 10+ years experience in circle and ritual work. I have spent time studying with various elders with a special focus on the subject of empowerment including Robin Clayfield and Starhawk.

Being creative from a young age and valuing art as a spiritual practice, I also merge art into my practice through the creation of Visionary HeArt Language. I have achieved a diploma in Theatre Production, studied with renowned Visionary Artists Alex and Allyson Grey and earned a diploma in Artist Mentorship with the Royal Conservatory of Music with a program called Learning Through The Arts where I worked with youth in schools offering the standard curriculum through arts based facilitation.

When working with me, you can expect to be received and held with compassion, understanding and support to connect with your most empowered and whole self. I do not see myself as a healer or a teacher, rather a facilitator and a mentor of others during their own healing process. I view myself as a channel for spirit and energy to do its work. My main drive is to live in service and give back to the local and global community.

Integration is an important part of life's journey and I will stay with you on your journey as long as necessary and often offer recommendations of plant medicines, affirmations, meditations, heArt work, stretches, creative projects, communication practices or other activities to nourish the spirit and transform dysfunctional patterns into beneficial ones. I will use my diverse tool kit to assist you to the best of my ability.

I currently reside as a settler on the unceded Coast Salish territory of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh and shíshálh Nations where I facilitate Permaculture Courses, act as the Dean of the School of Permaculture Design at Pacific Rim College, practice herbal medicine, garden, write, play and thoroughly enjoy life.

To learn more about my formal experience, you view my CV below or download it here: http://www.interconnectedliving.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/kym-chi-cv-Permaculture-2021.pdf

To connect with me, feel free to email anytime: kym@interconnectedliving.com

Please explore the site to learn more!

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