Interconnected Living is dedicated to being value centred and to supporting clients and the greater community to live more connected and value centred lives for the benefit of all beings.

We believe in :

- We are honest, stand by our word and fulfill our commitments.
- We take responsibility for our actions by acknowledging our mistakes and making necessary adjustments to ensure they do not happen again.
- We stand by our values and the work we do in the world.

- We recognize and respect the inherent wisdom of the natural world.
- We make choices that encourage the thriving of our natural and social ecology.
- We honour the interconnected web of all life by caring for the earth, it's people and for the future generations.

- We are dedicated to going deep, seeing what requires change and doing the work required to change it.
- We meet ourselves and others as new people in every moment.

- We are unapologetically authentic in everything we say and do.
- We are vulnerable and open.
- We always speak the truth as we know it, from a place of love and healing.
- We meet others with compassion and acceptance.
- We see everyone as a whole being and believe in loving the whole self.

- We learn from others and see different perspectives.
- Life long learning supports us to be motivated and inspired, constantly evolving and expanding.
- We continue to push our own growth edges by challenging ourselves to try new things and accepting feedback.
- We celebrate mistakes as learning opportunities.

- Community is an integral part of creating a successful and regenerative culture.
- We honour and celebrate diversity, embrace differences and recognize the inherent value of collaboration.
- We encourage and support others to share their gifts to support the wellbeing of the community.
- We strive to create a safe, empowering space for people.