Welcome to Interconnected Living

Interconnected Living facilitates positive transformation, creating a more connected, creative, conscious and empowered culture.

Interconnected Living is a great choice for you if you are ready to :

  • Take a unique, natural and more holistic approach to your personal wellness.
  • Create resiliency for yourself, your family and community.
  • Live more connected with the natural world and your authentic self.
  • Feel more empowered.
  • See your wholeness and learn how to better care for yourself!
  • Live a more balanced and integrated life in alignment with your core values.
  • Transform yourself and your life in order to live more authentically and joyfully.
  • Support yourself through sharing your passions.
  • Turn your dreams and visions into a reality.

I am located on the Lower Sunshine Coast BC where I am happy to connect in person, however, online courses and distance sessions can be done anywhere in the world.

Upcoming Offerings

Free Webinars

Courses and Programs


- Intuitive Healing 
- Raindrop Therapy
- Sound Therapy
- Herbal Products
- Mentorship
- Courses


- Courses
- Learning Resources
- Mentorship
- Consultation


- Energy Portraits
- HeArt Affirmations
- Paintings
- Guided Journeys
- Poetry


1:1 sessions specializing in:
- Life Design
- Education
- Permaculture
- Herbalism
- Intuitive Healing